Peacock will stream the Chinese adaptation of The Three-Body Problem

Paulo Boaventura
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Another adaptation of Liu Cixin’s The Three-Body Problem will be streaming for English audiences. While Netflix’s 3 Body Problem is set to premiere on March 21st, today, Peacock announced that it has acquired rights to the original Chinese adaptation, dubbed simply Three-Body. And it’s coming very soon — the series premieres on February 10th.

Three-Body was produced by Tencent and originally premiered in China last year, and the Peacock version will be available in the original Chinese with English subtitles. Given that they’re adaptations, 3 Body Problem and Three-Body will follow the same story, but the Chinese adaptation appears to be much more expansive; it spans 30 episodes in total, compared to eight episodes for the Netflix series.

For the uninitiated, The Three-Body Problem is the first book in Cixin’s Remembrance of Earth’s Past trilogy, and it covers… well, let’s just say, a lot of ground. Here’s the official description from Peacock:

After a spate of mysterious deaths in the scientific community, a nanomaterials expert, a counterterrorism detective, and a grieving mother team up to uncover the truth of how a popular alien world VR video game connects the deaths to the dark days of China’s Cultural Revolution, and to the fate of the world.

The monthlong head start means fans might just be able to squeeze in all of the Peacock version ahead of Netflix’s — and if you have any extra spare time, a new audiobook is on the way as well.


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